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Your trusted debt collection partner for over 40 years, recognized for specialized solutions, superior service, and industry achievements while ensuring strict compliance with industry regulations.

Grant Mercantile Agency (GMA) was founded in Oakhurst, CA in 1972 and has been helping businesses like yours increase cash flow, recoveries and profits for more than four decades.

In addition to the traditional collection services provided to our retail, commercial, government and healthcare partners, GMA provides a full-range of specialized alternative receivables management solutions, including installment plan collection, workers compensation, consulting and personal injury recoveries.

GMA's senior management team has accumulated more than 160 years of combined experience at GMA and are recognized as leaders in the debt collection industry.

Grant Mercantile Agency's Philosophy

GMA takes great pride in providing superior service and exceptional recoveries. Our consistent work ethic and innovative collection services have earned us an excellent reputation for our professionalism, courtesy and positive public relations.

GMA's collectors are trained to assist debtors as counselors and advisors. Our goal is to help our debtors repay their debts as quickly as possible. By using a positive collection approach, our debtors are allowed to maintain their sense of pride. This philosophy helps preserve good will and positive public relations. By treating others as they would like to be treated, our collectors are highly effective.

This commitment to superior customer service extends to all facets of our business and is largely responsible for GMA's perennial success. Because GMA's clients enjoy more freedom to interact with our management and staff, they enjoy a greater degree of control and influence over the collection process. This allows more opportunities for our clients to access custom solutions that conform to their specific needs.

Over the years, GMA's management and staff have been recognized by their peers and trade organizations for their academic achievements, dedicated service and contributions to our industry. In addition to our high performance standards, commitment to excellence, professionalism, ethics and integrity, you can be assured that GMA maintains strict compliance with all local, state and federal regulations, including those contained in the California Civil Code, the Robbins-Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) and the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), to name a few.

Grant Mercantile Agency (GMA) is a debt collection agency based in Oakhurst, CA, founded in 1972. With more than four decades of experience, GMA offers traditional collection services as well as specialized receivables management solutions to various sectors. GMA's commitment to excellence and adherence to local, state, and federal regulations contribute to its reputation and success in the industry.

Grant Mercantile Agency is a BBB Accredited Collection Agencies in Oakhurst, CA

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  • Nevada Agency License Number CAD11596

  • Compliance Manager License Number CM12521, Noni Ross

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